Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get Stuffed


Seems old Jonny Boy has mislaid a couple of bucks of someone else's money.  Okay, a couple of billion bucks then.  Picky, picky.  Must be a product of his senatorial experience; Congress has been losing other people's money by the billions for years.  Similarly, most congresscritters don't know where the money has gone either.  In fact most congresscritters don't even know where they have voted to piss away their stolen lucre, other of course than what pork they have injected themselves.  You know, down the bottom of page 1247 of that bill that has nothing to do with a million dollar turtle crossing in their district or an open purchase order for the usurper's current favorite campaign finance bundler?  Yeah, right there in plain obfuscatory legislatese with reference to at least three other obscure paragraphs of US Code.  That's the one.  The one "we have to pass so we can find out what's in it(?)".

Apparently Jon Corzine, veteran of Senatorial privilege, is going to get a pass similar to the one afforded  the Miscegenational Marxist Kenyan Pretender usurping the Oval Office.  I suspect he will be rotated right back into some other overpaid federal revolving door position by the middle of next week.  Gives new meaning to the expression, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass," doesn't it?  Can't blame the guy (other than for his dire need of tonsorial attention), after all don't all congresscritters trade on inside information?  How else is one to save a million bucks on a measly $175,000 a year pay check? Some habits are harder to break than others.  Besides, stealing other people's money is another congressional tradition, as is kissing ugly babies and potential voters below the belt.

Meanwhile the Chicago Mercantile Exchange abandons their fiduciary responsibility by freezing the victims out of their accounts.  Seems they can't figure where all the money is gone either and the prospect of making the victims whole again, which is,after all, their raison d'etre, is just a teensy weensy too scary for their stockholders to consider.  Better that the whole futures trading paradigm should collapse than that said stockholders should lose a nickle.  A nickle that governmental financial shenanigans has made the worth of the US dollar.

But where does that leave us, the teeny tiny red-neck, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed proles in the flyover states?  Stocking up, baby, stocking up.  As the thousand dollar suits in Congress and on "The Street" scurry like so many cucarachas attempting to escape the illumination of truth, you can bet your eight hundred dollar Gucci Boots that those of us paying attention are stocking up on farmland, food, fuel and firepower; a new meaning for 4F.  Along with investing in the REAL precious metals, brass and lead.

Real live usable stuff.  Along with God, guts and guns; 3G long before Verizon ever thought of it.

As for the residents of the yuppie "burbs" and high rise city anthills, if you haven't got a hidey-hole in the "sticks" and concomitant skills to survive there you are dead when the economy falls the rest of the way into the tank.  So long;we'll miss you.

Unless you try to come out here and appropriate our stuff, at which point we'll hit you.  From fifty yards away.  Between the eyes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Political Chicanery

Rants and Raves From the Old Sarge

Here we go again.  The MMP  (Miscegenational Marxist Pretender) wants to pilfer another half billion or so from my grandchildren to "create" jobs.  But only for a year, or to put it another way, until after the election that every indicator predicts he will lose.  But what the hell, it won't cost HIM anything.  It's stolen lucre after all.

So in an effort to convince us to let the pickpockets of the IRS further into our collective pocket off goes JoJo  the BoBo to endear himself to the tourism board of Flint by decrying the rape, riot and robbery  statistics that would be so much better if only the rest of the  country would pay for their municipal constabulary.  Good press there, JoJo.  Now go back to Washington (the ghetto, not the hero) and see if you can't get more federal funding for the American Clown College, your alma mater.

Meanwhile the BOMBfCS  (Botox  Overdosed Marxist Bimbo from the Cereal State*) screeches  that Republicans claiming pregnant mothers who chose to murder their babies should put their money where their "free choice" is, will have said breeding sows assume the same room temperature as their incipient progeny if Uncle Bucks to abet their homicide are cut off.  The visual image of fecund females lying bleeding to death on the ER floor is reminiscent of x-box games. 

Of course all the ills of the nation should be laid at the feet of Wall Street, home of the money  that finances the jobs that the protesters in the park don't want.  More fun having a spontaneous demonstration that was only dreamed up on the spur of the year.  Prior planning that would cause envy in the co-ordinators of a royal wedding.  Planning that was happening while the free smoked salmon was still fighting its way up the fish ladders of the Olympia River to procreate as the protesters are now doing under their tarps.  Here's a 53%er's advice to the 99%.  Take a hike; take a shower; take a pill.  Arsenic seems appropriate.

It is said that a nation will get the government it deserves.   What passes for ours is the product of an electorate educated by the modern "dumb-them-down" system.  Expecting the "education" system to teach your children to think is optimistic at best when  you consider that they are being taught by instructors who cannot spell.  They then come home plunked in front of the boob tube and are inundated by talking heads who cannot construct a simple English sentence reading propaganda created by "writers" afflicted with concomitant deficiency.   A three minute out take from the screeching harridans of "The (Myopic) View" or a couple of minutes of the typical foul mouthed meanderings of Maher or Marxist opinionated incoherence of Olberman are enough to convince you that the muslim exhortation to behead the  infidels may not be a concept totally without merit after all.  (In all honesty this writer must admit that I have, and will have, no television in my home.  I get enough garbage by foraging on line YouTube cuts.)  Truly all there is to  be seen through the glass faced toilet paper tube vision of society is enough to make one gag.

Meanwhile the aforementioned muslims of the mid-east and mid-west are training up their children in the way they should go.  Of course what a nine year old jihadi in training figures he'd do with seventy virgins is questionable at best.  The probability  that he is a virgin himself (is being porked up the poop chute loosing your virginity?) is low enough to make one wonder if he even knows what a  virgin is.  However, there is no doubt that controlling an AK47 on rock and roll at the local mall is an essential life skill, as is turning yourself into a walking Claymore mine.  All at the behest of an itinerant camel herder with a gift of gab that makes a twentieth century house painter sound like the guy mumbling departure gate announcements down at the local Greyhound station. Maybe they'll serve halal in jail.  If not just demand to be transferred to Ohio.  They've already helped put the skids to their own pork industry by banning bacon from the breakfast menu in their penal system.  Political correctness personified; there is no limit to stupid.

So what is one to do as he watches the world go to hell in a made in China hand-basket?  My own thesis is that if you haven't mastered life skills by now you had best hustle your bustle and learn some, fast.  Food storage techniques, food raising techniques, hunting/gathering skills, first aid and health treatment skills, building skills, all will be necessary  for survival if the ice cream goes through the fan.  If you don't have them get some.  Now.  Lay in a store of food enough for two years.  Lay in the firearms and ammunition to defend them if necessary.  Get close to others who can add skill sets you lack and lack the skill sets you have.  The old "co-operate and graduate" concept.  Otherwise just figure on lying down and assuming room temperature with your family and friends.  Heavenly  Father and the Lord have been warning you for eons.  I'm warning you now.  Listen up.  Otherwise we'll miss you when you're gone.  


*Cereal State, the Land of Fruits, Flakes and Nuts

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Free Lunch

Moral imperative dictates that if you get something for which you have not paid, that someone has paid for something he has not gotten.  It's your basic zero sum equation.  As with the race riots in Watts, Chicago, New Orleans, etc. perpetrators of the London riots use the excuse of (perceived or actual) racially motivated abuse as the excuse to acquire something for which others will bear the cost.  Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away that was referred to as "stealing".

Similar circumstance is of course the situation on our southern border (and with lesser impact on the northern one) with regards of the influx of criminal trespassers.  While the  liberal lamestream media, and leftist self serving sycophants of both political parties may label these invaders as "illegal immigrants", the fact of the matter is that illegal means against the law, as in criminal.  Entering wherein you have no authority to be is trespass.  How much simpler can it be?

Words have meaning.  Applying false or misleading appellation to anything is a lie.  Anyone who uses the expression "illegal immigrant" is lying to you.  How much simpler can that be?  Tendering unto those so appellated privilege unto which they are not entitled, such as eduction, sick care (I refuse to call it "health care" for much the same reason) driving privilege, or license to rob, rape, or take a job is nothing more or less than a form of theft.

Similarly, affording in-utero criminal trespassers the rights and privileges of citizenship is another form of theft.  If I cause the death of a pregnant woman, inadvertently or by intent,  it is multiple homicide, yet if said pregnant woman criminally trespasses her child is considered a citizen.  How absurd is that?  (In point of fact the same absurdity exists if the mother enters the country legally.  Wait until we are flooded with hordes of jihadi terrorists entering the country with American passports.)  Either life begins at conception (a thesis to which I personally subscribe) or at birth (a thesis unto which those making a killing* in abortion clinics subscribe).  If it's at conception then little Jose Jesus goes back to Mexico for his passport (or little Ali Achmed goes to the Jordanian government for his passport).  Neither is entitled to diddly-squat on the American dime or dole.  Nor are his parents, siblings, progenitors, and progeny yea unto the seventh generation.  The concept defies reason.

Besides, if all they are looking for is jobs they'd do better to be invading China as that's where they are.

*pun intentional

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lovely Lady Retires

As many of you may know I was honoured to crew on a D model Huey with the 187th Assault Helicopter Company in Tay Ninh, RVN  from February to July of 1968.  As with most combat vets life is counted as "before Nam" and "since Nam".

Experience of war renders the bulk of life peripheral.

This is the speech given by CW4 Lawrence Castagneto at Ft Rucker when they retired the last Huey on 17 May 2011

As a Vietnam Veteran Army Aviator, I would like to thank everyone for coming
to this special occasion, on this -- to be honest...very sad day, the end of an
era. An era that has spanned over 50 years. The retirement of this grand old
lady "OUR MOTHER" ... the Huey.
I would like to thank, MG Crutchfield for allowing me to speak at this event
and try to convey in my own inadequate, meager way what this aircraft
means to me and so many other Vietnam veterans.
First a few facts:
It was 48 yrs ago this month that the first Huey arrived in Vietnam with
units that were to become part of the 145th and the 13th Combat Aviation
Battalions; both units assigned here at Ft Rucker today. While in Vietnam,
the Huey flew approximately 7,457,000 combat assault sorties; 3,952,000
attack or gunship sorties and 3,548,000 cargo supply sorties. That comes to
over 15 million sorties flown over the paddies and jungles of Nam, not to
include the millions of sorties flown all over the world and other combat
zones since then ....what a amazing journey.... I am honored and humbled to
have been a small part of that journey.
To those in the crowd that have had the honor to fly, crew, or ride this
magnificent machine in combat, we are the chosen few, the lucky ones. They
understand what this aircraft means, and how hard it is for me to describe
my feelings about her as a Vietnam combat pilot.... for she is alive... has
a life of her own, and has been a life long friend.
How do I break down in a few minutes a 42-year love affair, she is as much a
part of me, and to so many others,,,as the blood that flows through our
veins. Try to imagine all those touched over the years the shadow of
her blades.
Other aircraft can fly overhead and some will look up and some may not; or
even recognize what they see but, when a Huey flies over everyone looks up
and everyone knows who she is... young or old all over the world she
connects with all.
To those that rode her into combat... the sound of those blades causes our
heart beat to rise... and breaths to quicken... in anticipation of seeing
that beautiful machine fly overhead and the feeling of comfort she brings.
No other aircraft in the history of aviation evokes the emotional response
the Huey does... combat veteran's or not... she is recognized all around the
world by young and old, she is the ICON of the Vietnam war, U.S. Army
Aviation, and the U.S. Army. Over 5 decades of service she carried Army
Aviation on her back, from bird dogs and piston powered helicopters with a
secondary support mission, to the force multiplier combat arm that Army
Aviation is today.
Even the young aviators of today, that are mainly Apache pilots, Blackhawk
pilots, etc., that have had a chance to fly her will tell you there is no
greater feeling, honor, or thrill then to be blessed with the opportunity to
ride her thru the sky... they may love their Apaches and Blackhawks, but
they will say there is no aircraft like flying the Huey " it is special".
There are two kinds of helicopter pilots: those that have flown the Huey and
those that wish they could have.
The intense feelings generated for this aircraft are not just from the
flight crews but, also from those who rode in back ...into and out of the
"devils caldron". As paraphrased here from "Gods own lunatics", Joe
Galloway's tribute to the Huey and her flight crews and other Infantry
veterans comments:
Is there anyone here today who does not thrill to the sound of those Huey
blades?? That familiar whop-whop-whop is the soundtrack of our war...the
lullaby of our younger days it is burned in to our brains and our hearts. To
those who spent their time in Nam as a grunt, know that noise was always a
great comfort... Even today when I hear it, I stop...catch my breath...and
search the sky for a glimpse of the mighty eagle.
To the pilots and crews of that wonderful machine ...we loved you, we loved
that machine.
No matter how bad things were...if we called ... you came... down through
the hail of green tracers and other visible signs of a real bad day off to a
bad start. I can still hear the sound of those blades churning the fiery
sky ....To us you seemed beyond brave and fearless... Down you would come to
us in the middle of battle in those flimsy thin skin -chariots ...into the
storm of fire and hell,..
...we feared for you , we were awed by you. We thought of you and that
beautiful bird as " God's own lunatics"... and wondered ...who are theses
men and this machine and where do they come from ...... Have to be "Gods
So with that I say to her, that beautiful lady sitting out there, from me
and all my lucky brothers, that were given the honor to serve their country,
and the privilege of flying this great lady in skies of Vietnam - Thank you
for the memories...Thank you for always being there...Thank you for always
bringing us home regardless of how beat up and shot up you were..., Thank
You will never be forgotten, we loved you then..... we love you now... and
will love you till our last breath ...
And as the sun sets today, if you listen quietly and closely you will hear
that faint wop wop wop of our mother speaking to all her children past and
present who rode her into history in a blaze of glory ...she will be saying
to them: I am here... I will always be here with you.
I am at peace and so should you be ... and so should you be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Right Way, the Wrong Way and the Army Way

I see where LTC Terry Lakin (I don't care what the Army says, he earned the rank and has done nothing to deserve losing it) is home from his stint at Leavenworth.  As a combat vet and former non-commissioned officer I am personally and professionally outraged at his sacrifice on the alter of political expediency.  Or more correctly, political chicanery.  From all available information his "trial" at court martial was a mockery.  The trial judge (I wonder what colour HER skin is) hamstrung his defense, ignoring the requirement that orders be lawful to be legitimate.   The question was not even allowed to be raised.

There can be no doubt that the present occupant of the White House National Park is an illegitimate poser.  Article II Paragraph 1 of the Constitution plainly states that the holder of the office of Commander in Chief be a natural born citizen of the United States.  Barack Hussein Obama is not so qualified, regardless of the existence of, or validity of, birth certificates, long or short.  No import exists for the location of his birth, the fact remains that his father was not a citizen of this country but rather of Kenya (note to the adolescent hacker who built his "birth certificate" Africa is not a nation) hence Barry baby is not "a natural born citizen" of the US whether born in Mombasa, Honolulu or even Chicago, the ghetto of gutter politics and ward heeling from which he emanated .  Even the Botoxed Bolshevik Bimbo from the Cereal State knew enough to certify him as "the official candidate of the Democratic Party" rather than as a qualified candidate as she did John McCain.  (That says a lot for Nancy the Nut Job if she would consider HIM qualified either.  But I digress.)  The only question remaining is how long this charade can continue.  The harm to the republic already is dangerously close to irreparable.

So the Army court, suckling on the public teat, refuses to address the issue, the civilian courts, suckling on the public teat, refuse to allow private citizens the "standing" to address the issue and the lamestream media, suckling on the Obama penis denigrate the efforts of anyone attempting to address the issue (and concomitantly shed light on their fellatio) with derision, distortion and disinformation.  "Public be dissed" and "all the propaganda we feel to print".

Only in the US Army could Mrs Calley's little boy Billy wind up in Leavenworth for following an unlawful order, and LTC Lakin attend the same alma mater for NOT doing so.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reflections on Public Education and Other Forms of Incarceration

Couple of years back the first and third prize winners of the National Spelling Bee were home schooled.  One has to wonder if public education is living up to its potential or merely spending up to its budget.

It is important to note that the primary purpose of an educational system is to prepare children to be productive citizens by equipping them with the skills necessary to hold a job.  Stand in a checkout line at your local super market and you can see exactly how efficient public education is at accomplishing that mission.

There are scanners to input the prices (complete with an annoying beep reminiscent of a Mickey D's fry-o-lator on Quaaludes), a loudspeaker  to announce these prices, (with no requirement that the drone behind the cash register even verify its rectitude and precluding the necessity that he or she knows how to read) and a connection to the cash register that allows the self same loudspeaker to announce to all and sundry exactly how much you are in the habit of spending on your weekly Wheaties or non-essential Chinese junk.   (The detritus kind, not the floating kind.)  Then the self same brainless voice announces to the equivalently brainless clone exactly how much change to tender you, leaving this victim of public education quivering in confusion as to how many dollars, dimes and pennies make up, "Change due, three dollars seventy-three cents."

(If you really want to set the cat amongst the pigeons offer the odd quarter and pennies and say, "Just give me the even five."  Any shopper who can't clear at least a thousand dollars a year in un-reported income with this trick just isn't living up to his potential.)

While never having learned to add, subtract, multiply or divide without electronic assistance, and barely having a clue which button to do when, you may rest assured that thirteen years of exposure to the public school system will have our hapless adolescent firm in the "knowledge" that:
          a) Heather's two mommies are indicative of a normal alternative life style
          b) The warming pattern of the globe can only be changed if he buys an electric hybrid from Government Motors
          c) The rapacious appetite for energy of profit driven industry is responsible for all the ills of the world, to include the common cold and ragweed (but not of course the energy overhead of his own 42" plasma TV and attached DVD, TiVo and Gameboy)

Next stop will be an "institute of higher learning" where his lack of mathematical expertise will serve him in good stead as the prospect of assuming student loan debt equivalent to a mortgage on seven bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths, complete with debit card, strikes him as  sound fiduciary policy.   Baying socialist jackasses will inculcate him with propaganda proclaiming  that the only cure for government instigated disaster is more of the same and our now thoroughly brainwashed clone will buy into it to the tune of ignoring the Constitution as the congresscritters do.  For the same reason; they've never read it, neither has he.

Meanwhile, guess to whom, or what, our "educated" fool is indebted.  Why the same government that's been hosing him all his life!  First the involuntary servitude of the brainwashing "educational experience", then the involuntary servitude of inescapable debt to the federal government (by Obobocare law, the sole source of student loans) that with a little luck will be paid off just in time for him to co-sign for his own kids' slavery.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

$38.6 Billion: Whoop de Do!

While the news media and the congresscritters are dancing in the streets and risking severe cervical spinal damage from patting themselves on the back over a not quite forty billion cut in the federal budget little cognizance seems to be given to the fact that it's just a spit in the ocean.  The projected deficit of $1,650,000,000,000.00 or thereabouts is just about 42.746 times the amount cut from the budget (if Texas Instruments still knows how to manufacture a calculator).

Big effing deal.  That's about the equivalent of saying, "We can't pay the mortgage or put food on the table, but we just paid off the library fine for an overdue comic book."  I say comic book since it is obvious there are very few in the Zombie Zone of DC who can read words.  Certainly not the words of the Constitution of the United States.  They even admit that half of what they do is unconstitutional.  The Bolshevik Bimbo from the Land of Fruits, Nuts and Flakes even stands in front of the House chamber and proclaims that legislation must be passed un-read "so we can see what's in it!" with a fatuous grin (grimace) that makes you think she either really IS that stupid or she's been snorting Kerry's botox.  Just in case lardass AlGore is right and excess CO2 is causing global warming will someone please smother that bitch.  (Allegorically, of course.)

No-one expects the Kommie Kenyan Pretender to worry about the Constitution.  After all they never studied it in Indonesia, and all he learned in law school is how to get around it.  Just like the Senate slugs who ignored Constitutional requirements and put one of their own in Foggy Bottom.  (Of course with those stern sheets it's now Fuggy Bottom. She may not believe it, but hers stinks like everyone else's.)  The Senate was probably glad to see the back of the Hildebeast. First thing she does is sign the UN Small Arms Treaty and attempt to give away our civil rights to the Army of the Powder Blue Beanie.  If the Senate is ever stupid enough to ratify that rag watch the Second American Revolution break out right here in River City.  (We got trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "C" and that stands for Congress!)

Is this what has become of the Constitutional Republic those of us in uniform have sworn to protect, preserve and defend and the Constitution unto which we are sworn to bear true faith and allegiance?  Is this the country for which over 58,000 of my brothers (including my room mate) were sacrificed?  I am outraged at the betrayal of their oath of the bulk of the Congresscritters whom we compensate at four times the wage of the average worker and allow to steal enough more to walk out of office as millionaires.  I'm tired of government fomented by talking heads on the tube who's only skill is reading the (generally grammatically atrocious) propaganda scripts before them.  I'm tired of an educational system that turns out fools unable to determine the difference between fact and opinion with over $100,000.00 in student loan debt to highlight their stupidity.  I'm tired of a government too busy meddling in issues beyond their Constitutional purview to do the job they are in place to do, defending the country and its borders.

I'm tired, cranky and MAD AS HELL!